Local Attractions
Woodland Hill Winery
Experience Minnesota wine at its finest, in a beautiful country setting at Woodland Hill Winery.

Destination Waconia!
The scenic town of Waconia (25 minute drive) offers a wonderful mix of laketown life, vibrant retail, lush orchards, wineries, parks, bike trails, lakeside dining, coffee houses, nightlife and more!

Millnery Heritage Vineyard and Winery
European Style Winery offering riding vineyard tours, winery tours, and wine tasting. Nine acre panoramic courtyard view of grape producing vines.

Quaint Shopping in Buffalo
The abundant mixture of modern stores and vintage, quaint shops make Buffalo a shopper's paradise and have helped put Buffalo on the map. When you visit Buffalo, pack light and bring a big vehicle so you have room for those special finds.

The Luce Line Trail
The Luce Line Trail is a state-established trail maintained by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. It stretches 63 miles from the western metro suburb of Plymouth to the small town of Cosmos in west-central Minnesota. The trail runs on a former railroad line and is available for biking, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowmobiling, and skiing.